Watch you-tube Off line (Only for Indians)

                              Youtube Offline Playback is Finally Here

The most awaited feature of YouTube is finally launched in India. YouTube offline was officially launched for India on Thursday December 11. This feature was announced by Google alongside the launch of android one this year on September.
This feature allows the users to download the videos from YouTube to phone for offline viewing when the network is not available, it is specifically restricted to android phones and tablets that too only in YouTube app, the videos could be downloaded via mobile data or wifi and saved for offline viewing. This version of YouTube is ad supported. This feature is only available on YouTube for android phones and tablets.
According to the firm it was said that ”Much of Indian popular content is available to view offline”. A lot of people would be doubting on how to watch YouTube offline. It’s very simple just follow the given few simple steps
  • ·        Update the YouTube app on the phone and open it.
  • ·        Search the video you want to download for offline viewing and open it.
  • ·        There will be a download icon on the bottom of the screen, tap on it.
  • ·        A pop up will appear, Select the quality of video you want to view the video in.
  • ·        The video will start to download as soon as you select the video viewing quality.

The downloaded video will be valid for 48 hrs only, It may be possible that some videos does not show the download link as they are yet to be customized for offline viewing, also there is no 1080p  video quality available to download.

Vice president of engineering at YouTube, Mr. John Harding spoke about this new feature that-“In a country like India ,the future of internet is mobile, nearly 85% of the internet population connect internet from mobile………,by launching the offline experience on YouTube India today, people move past the challenges of data connection, speed and cost to enjoy smooth buffer free version of YouTube.”

He also said that they are soon bringing another adaptive bit rate for mobile viewing which would reduce the buffer time by 50%.YouTube have signed up with t-series, yash raj films, shemaroo, providing a wide range of videos to the viewer.

Now some people may think they could send these downloaded files to other devices and store them somehow permanently, but YouTube already thought about that and made the necessary changes for offline viewing of videos
  • ·        The video downloaded will be in parts but not as a single file.
  • ·        Videos are downloaded in EXO file format played only by YouTube player.
  • ·        A real time encryption of videos are done on Youtube app.
  • ·        Video file decrypt only when played.
  • ·        If shared by Bluetooth only web link is sent
This was done by YouTube to avoid the free downloading of the copyright protected videos.This new feature alongside India was also launched in Indonesia and Philippines. With India emerging as the  5th largest market for YouTube it is pretty sure that the country will receive a fair amount of special treatment for it’s user.


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