Everyday assignments are big tension among students. Whatever the stream you belong to, whatever the subject it is, assignments are regularly troubling everyone. Not only the deadlines are the reason but other important engagements and the dependency for marks on such projects is a big issue. 

Assignments are actually an important part of curriculum. It helps you to study the topic in detail and gain the related knowledge. Besides it also helps in enhancing your creativity to present the topic and side by side the preparation for exam regarding that topic is already accomplished.
This makes it vital to complete your assignments efficiently in the very less time period as per the deadlines. Here are few very essential steps and tricks that help you do your assignments within couple of hours:
1.     Understanding the topic
Find what your topic says you. Understand the words in title and make an understanding of what does it actually mean. If you are comfortable in your mother tongue, convert the topic in mother tongue to get clearer picture of what you are required to do. Note it somewhere in your own easy and simple words. This step generally takes 3-5min at a max.
2.     Create headings and subheadings
On a rough paper, write what you plan to express regarding the title. This includes intro, importance, effects, comparison, after effects, part pattern, analysis, conclusion etc. This is generally deciding on the structure of how you wish to present the topic. Headings and subheading could depend on the topic and it would take up only 20-30mins of your time.
3.     Find the content
Next is finding the content for every head and subhead. The search can be done through internet, books, or teacher’s notes. Just find the content and copy paste under each head as it is.
Your rough layout is ready.
4.     Scrutiny of content
·        Now quickly read the details of each head, understand what’s required and cut the unwanted material. It is easy to identify the irrelevant material first, rather than thinking over the required material from a whole lot of unorganized available content.
·         Then you can re-read the remaining material and scrutinize the sentences.
·        Next, arrange the sentences up and down as per the order of relevance.
·        Then, Convert the lines into your simple understandable language.
5.     Add ons
Fit in the add-ons within the written material like flow charts, diagrams, graphs, etc that is relevant to the content and that could enhance the understanding of the topic. This would also add creativity and makes your assignment stand different from others.

And here you go! Your assignment is completed. These tips help you to make your work easy and sorted. Just few steps and the work are ready in few hours. Though searching and organizing the content may take time but you will definitely be able to do it within the deadline assigned.

Ever wondered how youtubers make money? Here’s a right place to find out answer of the same. Actually there are number of factors that decide the earning source of youtubers. Most of the youtubers are freelancer; probably work from home while for some it could be their main source of income, for others may be a side business. For other people it could be a cake walk but it is not as steady as it sounds. There requires a lot of action behind the camera.

There are lots of myths about youtubers earning source like for instance more number of subscribers’ means more earning. More likes and comments means more money.Well actually it doesn’t contribute anything. If you have like no subscriber, chances are you can still make money. Likes and comments don’t really contribute anything to the pay. Now what about views? More views more income? Yes its true, for 1000 views a certain amount is fixed.  But here’s a catch it differs from country to country.  Like if we take for example, a video that is seen by western subscriber may contribute more earning about 7-8 times more than that of Asians which breaks another myths that all you tubers earn fair amount of money. The economy of the country plays a vital role. If taken the example of our own country the prices slashed during the demonization period.
Apart from views the other ways in which youtubers earn money are
Advertisement at the beginning of video: Contributes 50%-60% to the income. YouTube processes revenue earned from that particular ad and splits the profit with youtubers. As long as the user is not using the Adblock feature YouTube and youtubers continue to earn.
Sponsorship:  the advertiser pays youtubers for mentioning or making a video about their product.  Usually bigger YouTube channel are given such sponsors but smaller one can also get the chance.
Patreon : Patreon lets content creators accepts donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site takes 10 % of the donations, and the creator gets the rest. Most YouTubers earn more through Patreon than they do from their paychecks.
Promoting clothes or accessories used by YouTuber: Often YouTubers style statement is appreciated and users ask for the same dress or accessories. When the user buys the product as referred by YouTuber , a small 5-10% of the profit is shared with the YouTuber for referring the same.
This is how the process happens beyond the video while we enjoy seeing the videos in YouTube . Happy YouTubing
Student  Politics. This sentence of two words is closely related to the student life. Students of the country are the people of the world. They are the country's Kandari (tendon). To them many expectations of the nation they represent countries and nations around the world. Students are so much evaluated because there is no alternative to education. That is why students have the same expectations of family and the people that is the study. Basically this is why different educational institutions have been established. Educational institutions have been providing this service only as an artisan builder for ages. There is no other goal beyond them. Here students will come, learn education and then come out as a standard man. As ideal people, they will be engaged in the service of the country and the nation. Basically this is the circle.

Where is the need of student politics?
But with the term of the word of the word, the book-recorder or pen should not have the same relation as much as it should have; Because of the addition of the word politics with the student only. At the time when the students' grumble of arms in the exact time of the pupils, it does not seem that there is a need to be too much scholar to guess what the future of the nation is going on. Conflicts between student organizations involved in dissenting student politics, conflicts centered around the influence of self-control, tender capital, extortion, rape, assassination of teachers, murder, and other types of crimes are directly involved in a part of the students day by day. Although they are few in number, they are forced to stay close because of their authority because they have external and internal versatility. The student leaders who have the responsibility to protect the rights of all students, when they take away the rights of all students by their own or party interests, then the amount of losses of ordinary students cannot be calculated in any criterion.
When the problem arose between the groups of students involved in student politics, when the students were killed, the authorities were forced to close college-universities and educational institutions indefinitely. The word Session-jet was mixed with the higher education of this country, and the stagnation in the fight to occupy the power of student racers again put ordinary students' education in uncertainty. Due to the arbitrary decision of some students in association with student politics, many universities of this country were closed months after several months. Many college campuses have been burnt. There have been incidents of public assault and humiliation of public. Transport of teachers and students has been broken. Due to lack of donations or refusal to join party activities, general students were thrown out of the hall, injured and injured, and forced to be hospitalized. When the student leaders could not pass the test, they gave the teachers ultimatum to pass, but when the teacher did not deviate from their moral position they vandalized the environment of the education scare.
 Due to some fanatic students, the education of lakhs of students in the country is often threatened. During the stalemate created by the educational institutions at different times, the students of general education brought extreme damage to their life. As a result, the job expires of the job of not being finished anywhere in the student's education.
India, Bangladesh, Pakistan pandemic among these three Asian countries has been formed. Misuse of this student politics leads to the destruction of a student community or a nation. They destroy the life without being intentionally traveling on a journey without purpose.
So a student should remember that student life is the only opportunity to form his career. Now it is necessary to plant the ideal seeds. Only then can they achieve success in life.

We as students have much to discuss with our friends in the classroom and that too while the teacher is giving their lecture. And also this also depends on how much boredom the lecture is. I’m sure we won’t be discussing about any rocket science or about nations economic growth, rather it is going to be the gossips of a girl around you and your favorite hero's latest adventure. This will definitely annoy the teacher as it disturbs the lecture as they will be in a hurry to rush up the portions before the deadline and so they react to it.

It is okay if one or two student talks, what if the whole class thinks of their hero and girls? Then the whole class is going to be a fish market (which is the word teachers used for describing a talkative class).  Different teachers handle this situation differently.

But one of my teachers had a different solution. This happened during some random semester of engineering. Whenever the professor turns to write on the board the negotiation sound in the fish market increased. When he turns towards the class the market was silent. This silence remained only until the teacher is facing towards the class and again negotiation starts when he turns towards the board. This went like two/ three times and professor got irritated. Now he turned back to the class and said “if you allow me finish the lecture, I will allow to speak for some time"

 Guess what? The whole class remained silent for the next of the session. Now he finished that boredom topic and said you can talk now till the class finish. To the surprise no one spoke during the talking hours, then as the teacher is standing in the dais and facing the class. He was like, class I gave you time to talk and what now, no one have anything to speak?

Even if you are the person that everyone goes to for tech help, you probably still require additional help from time to time to complete certain tasks. Maintaining ones computer is a very broad subject that includes a great many things. The laptop and desktop computer has become an essential component of our day to day lives, especially for the professional and student.

Here are 8 simple things every computer user out there should want to know, especially if they want to extend the life of their system. 

1. Regular Maintenance Is Crucial

With the added complexity of computer software, maintaining ones computer is a task that has become increasingly more difficult. Whether you are on a Windows or Mac based computer, the things that you must always do include keeping the operating system up-to-date with the latest patches and have good antivirus software running on it at all times.

2. Setup a Backup System

Backing up ones computer is a task that we’re all probably aware of, but rarely ever get down to actually doing it. Setting up a backup system only takes a couple of minutes, so you can do it in very little time and forget about it, until you need to work with it again.

If you’re using an external hard drive as a storage location for your backups, then you can probably use the built-in backup tools that come bundled with the operating system. However, such backups will only help you in the event that your computer fails. If your home was to burn down and you lost all your personal belongings, you’d effectively lose everything, your important files, photos, applications etc.

As a workaround, I’d recommend you used an online backup service. That way, all the data you backup to it, will be accessible on any computer, providing you have the login details.

3. Secure Sensitive Data

While ensuring your most important files are backed up, protecting your most sensitive data, like password details is also equally as important. The internet has tons of vulnerabilities that computer hackers are all too happy to exploit, which is why I recommend you use encrypted software to conceal this information.

4. Share Your Computer Files

In order to transfer data from one computer to another, the usual methods entail the use of a hard drive or flash drive. However, the more convenient way of doing it is to use Windows Home Group feature, which allows you to send data wirelessly to all the computers attached to your home network. Drop Box also has similar capabilities, but you’ll need to be logged into the service in order to utilise it.

5. Use Computer Shortcuts

One of the best things about our computer systems is that through them, it’s possible for you to do things that would otherwise take you a considerable amount of time. Say for example you want to find a specific word on a web page. Instead of scanning for it on the page, you could simply use the search feature by pressing Ctrl + F, and then type the word into the search box.

There are tons of shortcuts, from Ctrl + S, which will save your file, Ctrl + P, which will bring your document to Ctrl + T, which open a new tab in your browser window.

It may seem more complicated remembering and using these shortcuts, but after some time of using them, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to adopt them. There are tons of articles out there that highlight the most popular and useful shortcuts.

6. Manage Your WiFi Network

Learning about the particulars of a network, such as a router, LAN cables and Ethernet ports can be quite scary, especially when you factor in the amount of knowhow that goes into setting one up.

That said it’s possible for you to boost your Wi-Fi signal by attaching a booster to your router. If you constantly need to reset your router, and then make sure it isn’t crowded or overheating.

7. Free Your System of Junk Files

Ever wondered how all those browser toolbars get onto your system, or why you have so many applications installed on your computer that you do not need or use? Bloatware is a major issue in today’s world of Windows, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do about it.

With the right applications and tools, it’s possible for you to avoid bloatware in the future. Just remove all the stuff that came with your computer that you do not use and then spend some time learning about the different ways companies trick you into installing an application that you do not need. If you can do that, you will be able to keep your system clean of anything that would otherwise slow your system down.

8. Keep Your Personal Information Secure

The internet can be described as many things, except a safe and secure place, it’s for this reason why you’ll want to keep all your personal information as safe and as secure as possible. Making sure you are always using strong passwords, consider removing personal information from document files and photos, and never use your Wi-Fi network without the appropriate protection. Keeping all your personal data safe and secure is not as difficult as it sounds. However, if you’re unsure of what that entails, then I recommend you check out the many articles that write about keeping ones computer safe while online.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website where he writes about computer related tools and other, issues and topics.