Discussion about Semester systems followed in colleges

It becomes easy to manage the syllabus in the six monthly installments rather than keeping it accumulated for a whole year. Student’s perspective positively rates the semester system. They enjoy several benefits from semester program.
·        It is easier to manage the studies systematically in short period standards.
·        Lots of internals and projects within a semester help in gaining good marks without making strict efforts. Yearly exam provides a single opportunity to perform and get through that year.
·        If a competitive exam falls during the yearly exam, your whole year is at stack, but if there is a facility of semester wise exams, there are less chance of your competitive exam to fall in during both semesters. In that case you have more than one opportunity (including internals) to perform well and maintain your CGPA.
·        Not only due to competitive exams, other factors like marriage in family, sudden trips, health issues etc would create least impact if the semester system prevails in the structure.
·        Yearly exams makes student lethargic throughout the session whereas semesters consistently motivates to study and requires your active participation.
·        Syllabus is distributed in parts which makes it comfortable for students to study and attain genuine learning. This is not in the case of yearly exams. Whole syllabus gets accumulated to be studied and the major focus shifts on tracking the important questions as its difficult to study the whole content in a single go.
Students happily accept the semester system and are comfortable adopting it in practical life. But everything never goes on what we desire. To your dismay, administration swirls the red flag to semester and restarted with the annual exams.
·        They need to arrange for exams again and again if they opt semesters.
·        It requires arrangement of faculties for invigilation and paper checking.
·        It saves lots of money when the exams are conducted just annually.
·        Other formalities, paper work, reporting all that needs to be done frequently in semesters are a big headache for them.
·        Handling seating arrangements, paper scheduling are all time consuming and require involvement of more manpower.
·        Besides involvement, proper training and frequents meetings needs to be scheduled.
·        Faculties have more time to complete their syllabus, and are in no hurry as they have yearly goals and not the semester wise.
It’s a big no for students to opt the annual exam structures, but the no is much bigger from the administration. After all they are the decision makers and here we are with annual exams again!
A number of exams nowadays provide answer keys after the examination gets over. The answer keys are generally uploaded within few days on the website of exam authority. But before that, many educational websites provide you this opportunity to access the answers for the exam.

Answer keys help you to analyze what you did in the paper. You don’t have to wait for the results to be declared. You already know the correct answers so that you can match them with what you actually did. You can generate your own performance report at home. Answer keys are of a great help to students these days. Self analysis is of utmost importance to calculate your value in the competitive world. When you make a note of how you performed in the exam, you are basically identifying your mistakes that can be then corrected in the next attempt of the exam.

Answer keys allow you to find which area you are lacking in your preparation. You should judge what questions you answered correctly and what went wrong from your side. You should try to understand at what type of questions you have a short hand. This helps in determining the subject or the topic that you have under performed. You can then judge yourself what topics you need to prepare strongly, what to be studied in detail, which formulas you missed to apply, which graph needs more analytical study, and which topics you must study next time that you didn’t look over in this attempt. Answer keys not only helps in depicting weaker areas of your performance, but it also highlights the areas you have well prepared. Besides knowing your mistakes, you should also ponder over what you are good at. This helps you boost your inner self to keep yourself assured for those topics. You can now know that these topics need not to be given lots of time and dedication which you can invest for the topics that are your weaker areas. You can easily manage your time with such analysis and develop an updated schedule of what to be paid more attention. Apart from knowing what to study what not, you can also get an idea of how to study. You can easily identify what type of questions are included that give you a know how of how to study a particular subject or topic, do you need to really go that deeper for particular topic that you have not been doing till now, or vice-versa. How a topic needs to be explored, how you can get the questions for a topic say fill in the missing word, match the column, select the correct graph, identify the formula etc. are all the questions that can be answered using such analysis. 

How to study is equally important as what to study. Answer keys give you the opportunity to assess your performance in the exam so that you can take corrective actions in your preparations for the next time. Appropriate scheduling of the study pattern for the exams is a necessary plan that requires assessment of past performance, in order to crack the next exam and pat your back in success.
SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondar level Examination ) 2018

The commission has released notification for 2359 posts and here are some important information about it.

 Download SSC NOTIFICATION  here

SSC CHSL 2017 Important Dates

Publication of official notification18th November 2017
Commencement of application process18th November 2017
Last date of application process18th December 2017
Last date for payment of application fee online18th December 2017
Last date for payment of application fee offlineDecember 2017
Downloading of admit cardFebruary 2018
Examination date (SSC CHSL 2017)4th to 26th March 2018
Results declaration of part I examinationMay 2018
Examination date of part II08 July 2018
Final merit listJuly 2018




 Number of Vacancy Post wise

Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant2359
Lower Division Clerk (LDC)898
Data Entry Operator2
Data Entry Operator Grade ANil

Everyday assignments are big tension among students. Whatever the stream you belong to, whatever the subject it is, assignments are regularly troubling everyone. Not only the deadlines are the reason but other important engagements and the dependency for marks on such projects is a big issue. 

Assignments are actually an important part of curriculum. It helps you to study the topic in detail and gain the related knowledge. Besides it also helps in enhancing your creativity to present the topic and side by side the preparation for exam regarding that topic is already accomplished.
This makes it vital to complete your assignments efficiently in the very less time period as per the deadlines. Here are few very essential steps and tricks that help you do your assignments within couple of hours:
1.     Understanding the topic
Find what your topic says you. Understand the words in title and make an understanding of what does it actually mean. If you are comfortable in your mother tongue, convert the topic in mother tongue to get clearer picture of what you are required to do. Note it somewhere in your own easy and simple words. This step generally takes 3-5min at a max.
2.     Create headings and subheadings
On a rough paper, write what you plan to express regarding the title. This includes intro, importance, effects, comparison, after effects, part pattern, analysis, conclusion etc. This is generally deciding on the structure of how you wish to present the topic. Headings and subheading could depend on the topic and it would take up only 20-30mins of your time.
3.     Find the content
Next is finding the content for every head and subhead. The search can be done through internet, books, or teacher’s notes. Just find the content and copy paste under each head as it is.
Your rough layout is ready.
4.     Scrutiny of content
·        Now quickly read the details of each head, understand what’s required and cut the unwanted material. It is easy to identify the irrelevant material first, rather than thinking over the required material from a whole lot of unorganized available content.
·         Then you can re-read the remaining material and scrutinize the sentences.
·        Next, arrange the sentences up and down as per the order of relevance.
·        Then, Convert the lines into your simple understandable language.
5.     Add ons
Fit in the add-ons within the written material like flow charts, diagrams, graphs, etc that is relevant to the content and that could enhance the understanding of the topic. This would also add creativity and makes your assignment stand different from others.

And here you go! Your assignment is completed. These tips help you to make your work easy and sorted. Just few steps and the work are ready in few hours. Though searching and organizing the content may take time but you will definitely be able to do it within the deadline assigned.

Ever wondered how youtubers make money? Here’s a right place to find out answer of the same. Actually there are number of factors that decide the earning source of youtubers. Most of the youtubers are freelancer; probably work from home while for some it could be their main source of income, for others may be a side business. For other people it could be a cake walk but it is not as steady as it sounds. There requires a lot of action behind the camera.

There are lots of myths about youtubers earning source like for instance more number of subscribers’ means more earning. More likes and comments means more money.Well actually it doesn’t contribute anything. If you have like no subscriber, chances are you can still make money. Likes and comments don’t really contribute anything to the pay. Now what about views? More views more income? Yes its true, for 1000 views a certain amount is fixed.  But here’s a catch it differs from country to country.  Like if we take for example, a video that is seen by western subscriber may contribute more earning about 7-8 times more than that of Asians which breaks another myths that all you tubers earn fair amount of money. The economy of the country plays a vital role. If taken the example of our own country the prices slashed during the demonization period.
Apart from views the other ways in which youtubers earn money are
Advertisement at the beginning of video: Contributes 50%-60% to the income. YouTube processes revenue earned from that particular ad and splits the profit with youtubers. As long as the user is not using the Adblock feature YouTube and youtubers continue to earn.
Sponsorship:  the advertiser pays youtubers for mentioning or making a video about their product.  Usually bigger YouTube channel are given such sponsors but smaller one can also get the chance.
Patreon : Patreon lets content creators accepts donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site takes 10 % of the donations, and the creator gets the rest. Most YouTubers earn more through Patreon than they do from their paychecks.
Promoting clothes or accessories used by YouTuber: Often YouTubers style statement is appreciated and users ask for the same dress or accessories. When the user buys the product as referred by YouTuber , a small 5-10% of the profit is shared with the YouTuber for referring the same.
This is how the process happens beyond the video while we enjoy seeing the videos in YouTube . Happy YouTubing