A 27 year old woman working in a Gurgaon bar hires a cab at 3:30 a.m to reach her home, but the cab driver took a different way and brought her to a farmhouse and the he allegedly rapes her. This shameful and shocking incident happened on Friday 5thDecember, the driver has been identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav who works for the multibillion dollar taxi booking company “UBER” run by Travis Kalanick.

              UBER is an online taxi booking service started in 2009 and since then it had become $18.2 billion Company. It currently operates in 150 cities all over world and India is its biggest market after U.S. It have its operations limited to 10 cities and have around 4000  cabs alone in Delhi.
 The incident which took place in Delhi isn’t the first time that one of the company’s drivers have been involved.
·      In San Francisco one of the UBER driver was arrested under the charge of vehicular manslaughter, killing a 6 year old kid.
·         One of the UBER driver in U.S.A. was arrested for crashing the car into 3 pedestrians crossing the road, killing one and fatally wounding the other 2 on the Christmas eve 2013.
·         Last march another driver was arrested in Washington D.C for alleged rape.
·         Other cases involves assault and brawling by UBER driver’s all-round the globe and the list goes on
In Delhi Shiv Kumar Yadav was given permit to drive the car on the basis of a dud character certificate and a PSV(Public Verification Service) certificate, after the incident took place it came to light that the cabbie had nearly a dozen cases as a law offender he also served 7 months in tihar jail for alleged rape of a woman in 2011 but was released after the settlement between him and the woman, other cases includes sexual harassment, attempted rape, rape, arms act, goonda act and brawling.
Even after all these cases he was given a PSV also company was too tired to do a background check on him, giving him a clean character certificate which gave him a chance again to do a crime. The company should have done a check on him before hiring the drivers. Company also failed the taxi permit regulations in Delhi and also does not follow the payment norms decided by RBI, still it was functioning in the city. In the light of the recent events the Delhi government has banned all activities of the company in the city; the Delhi transport department has also blacklisted the company.

There are a lot of reports of negligence of laws and regulations by UBER drivers and the company all over the world. Netherlands, Germany and Thailand have already ceased all the operation by UBER in their respective countries, and with the rise in complaints and a portfolio of law offender drivers ,the question arises is banning UBER the right decision or the government should take steps so that the cabbies with serious crime records don’t get into these kind of service and cab companies get more cautious while admitting new drivers to their firm, it now all depends on you the people of India as how will we tackle and avoid these kind of issues in future.


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