A number of exams nowadays provide answer keys after the examination gets over. The answer keys are generally uploaded within few days on the website of exam authority. But before that, many educational websites provide you this opportunity to access the answers for the exam.

Answer keys help you to analyze what you did in the paper. You don’t have to wait for the results to be declared. You already know the correct answers so that you can match them with what you actually did. You can generate your own performance report at home. Answer keys are of a great help to students these days. Self analysis is of utmost importance to calculate your value in the competitive world. When you make a note of how you performed in the exam, you are basically identifying your mistakes that can be then corrected in the next attempt of the exam.

Answer keys allow you to find which area you are lacking in your preparation. You should judge what questions you answered correctly and what went wrong from your side. You should try to understand at what type of questions you have a short hand. This helps in determining the subject or the topic that you have under performed. You can then judge yourself what topics you need to prepare strongly, what to be studied in detail, which formulas you missed to apply, which graph needs more analytical study, and which topics you must study next time that you didn’t look over in this attempt. Answer keys not only helps in depicting weaker areas of your performance, but it also highlights the areas you have well prepared. Besides knowing your mistakes, you should also ponder over what you are good at. This helps you boost your inner self to keep yourself assured for those topics. You can now know that these topics need not to be given lots of time and dedication which you can invest for the topics that are your weaker areas. You can easily manage your time with such analysis and develop an updated schedule of what to be paid more attention. Apart from knowing what to study what not, you can also get an idea of how to study. You can easily identify what type of questions are included that give you a know how of how to study a particular subject or topic, do you need to really go that deeper for particular topic that you have not been doing till now, or vice-versa. How a topic needs to be explored, how you can get the questions for a topic say fill in the missing word, match the column, select the correct graph, identify the formula etc. are all the questions that can be answered using such analysis. 

How to study is equally important as what to study. Answer keys give you the opportunity to assess your performance in the exam so that you can take corrective actions in your preparations for the next time. Appropriate scheduling of the study pattern for the exams is a necessary plan that requires assessment of past performance, in order to crack the next exam and pat your back in success.


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