In another few days we will be in landing in a new year with full of challenges and rejoices waiting for us. It has been a tradition to make resolutions in every New Year day to do something big for the year. How was your last year, did your last year resolutions go well?  If yes, a big like for you. For who still didn’t decide what changes you have to make in yourself to see some change in your life, this post is helps you really. Here we have listed some ideas you can consider to make a new start.

1.    Get down and Run: This is the very first thing which I am going to do every day and recommend everyone to do. Be determined to do your exercise at least thrice a week. Everyday before my bed I tell myself that to start doing exercise and the next morning i get too lazy to get from my bed. Laziness to do exercise increases your weight than junk food and so let us try dropping it out from us and get our self into shape. This is going to be foremost resolution for us in this year and I believe we will succeed in it. 

2.    Make habit of reading: Reading lot of books is going to bring major change in you. All successful persons and great persons always had the habit of reading book. This makes you rich in knowledge and language. Make reading a daily habit and it will improve your concentration and focusing skill. Never quit reading at the early if you get bored, just go with the flow and you will overcome the boring. 

3.    Don’t become Social media Addict: Though social media has become something which the new generation can’t be away from, never waste your valuable time on it. Smart phones, tablets and other gadgets with the beeping notifications from friends and partners have taken away most of our sleeps which is definitely not good for our health if it go on for long. Never compromise your sleep for anything unless you thing it is so important. Make a habit of shutting down all your social media access at particular time and no chatting and tagging your friends on Facebook after that time.

4.    Keep the kart empty: Nowadays people are losing the enjoyment in shopping in markets and bazaar for the things they need. All they do is make the things come directly to your doors by sitting in the home by using shopping apps. My advice is stick to a single shopping app and not all the ones. Having more shopping apps in your smart phones makes us to browse it often and we could not resist the offer providing by sellers and we tent to buy it. Actually most of the products in our kart are not what we need really, just because they provide that offer in reduced rate we buy it. Use the apps only when you really need a product, using the app always will make you to spend your money on products which you actually not planned to buy. 

5.    Make an investment: Even multi millionaires are concerned about their future and make their saving and investment. Make a practice of investing a less amount of money you earn in something which will be beneficiary. People who invested in Bitcoin a few years ago has become rich recently because of its value have increased very high. Don’t get greedy and put your all earning into any investment because as we hear it lot of times read by Flash on Tvs “Investment are subject to market risks…”. Read about crypto currencies in websites and get to know about it well and try investing in it (A very low amount at your own risk). Read how crypto currencies are gaining attention in India and how it is going to make a huge change in currency transaction.

6.    Play safe: Our culture has become more modern and hanging out with partying has become very common. This also let youngsters in close relationship with their partners. For any good relationship it requires to a good understanding and a safe sex can also makes a relation healthy physically and mentally. Youngsters need not to take this so serious and get into it.  It’s good to be in limits always and remember the way you have been being brought up. 

7.    Write your thoughts: Its good to write your thoughts and your everyday happenings which may be a memories for you someday. When you read it after a long time those writings are definitely going to bring smile on you. May be ten or fifteen years from now my English will be little fluent from now and definitely I’m going to laugh at my pathetic English. When you become a great person someday you don’t have to start an autobiography lately instead this writings may say most about you making the work so easy.

8.    Be ready to Quit: If you think what you do is not good for you be brave and ready to quit it. You have to be brave first of all to say No to something you think is not good. If you have a habit of chain smoking, reduce it considerably. We have tried it and why don’t we try living without it for the good for our self. 

9.    Become organized : Organized peoples get more time to spend and be a successful person as far as I know. You success even starts from how organized you keep you study table. Dress well and keep your surroundings tidier. Doing this you can see yourself progressing in a productive way.
10.                       Here you can fill with your own resolution which you like to follow from this year apart from the above said.

Finally never forget to spend time with friends and family physically, rather than spending time with them online social platforms. If you are away from parents, make phone calls and ask about their wellness which makes them feel better and happy. Make a call to your old friends and discuss about the crazy thing things you did in the school/college times. Show love on all and spread peace and make this world a loving place for living.
                                                                 Happy New Year to all.


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