Student Politics and their Outcomes

Student  Politics. This sentence of two words is closely related to the student life. Students of the country are the people of the world. They are the country's Kandari (tendon). To them many expectations of the nation they represent countries and nations around the world. Students are so much evaluated because there is no alternative to education. That is why students have the same expectations of family and the people that is the study. Basically this is why different educational institutions have been established. Educational institutions have been providing this service only as an artisan builder for ages. There is no other goal beyond them. Here students will come, learn education and then come out as a standard man. As ideal people, they will be engaged in the service of the country and the nation. Basically this is the circle.

Where is the need of student politics?
But with the term of the word of the word, the book-recorder or pen should not have the same relation as much as it should have; Because of the addition of the word politics with the student only. At the time when the students' grumble of arms in the exact time of the pupils, it does not seem that there is a need to be too much scholar to guess what the future of the nation is going on. Conflicts between student organizations involved in dissenting student politics, conflicts centered around the influence of self-control, tender capital, extortion, rape, assassination of teachers, murder, and other types of crimes are directly involved in a part of the students day by day. Although they are few in number, they are forced to stay close because of their authority because they have external and internal versatility. The student leaders who have the responsibility to protect the rights of all students, when they take away the rights of all students by their own or party interests, then the amount of losses of ordinary students cannot be calculated in any criterion.
When the problem arose between the groups of students involved in student politics, when the students were killed, the authorities were forced to close college-universities and educational institutions indefinitely. The word Session-jet was mixed with the higher education of this country, and the stagnation in the fight to occupy the power of student racers again put ordinary students' education in uncertainty. Due to the arbitrary decision of some students in association with student politics, many universities of this country were closed months after several months. Many college campuses have been burnt. There have been incidents of public assault and humiliation of public. Transport of teachers and students has been broken. Due to lack of donations or refusal to join party activities, general students were thrown out of the hall, injured and injured, and forced to be hospitalized. When the student leaders could not pass the test, they gave the teachers ultimatum to pass, but when the teacher did not deviate from their moral position they vandalized the environment of the education scare.
 Due to some fanatic students, the education of lakhs of students in the country is often threatened. During the stalemate created by the educational institutions at different times, the students of general education brought extreme damage to their life. As a result, the job expires of the job of not being finished anywhere in the student's education.
India, Bangladesh, Pakistan pandemic among these three Asian countries has been formed. Misuse of this student politics leads to the destruction of a student community or a nation. They destroy the life without being intentionally traveling on a journey without purpose.
So a student should remember that student life is the only opportunity to form his career. Now it is necessary to plant the ideal seeds. Only then can they achieve success in life.


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