Easy Money making with YouTube Process explained

Ever wondered how youtubers make money? Here’s a right place to find out answer of the same. Actually there are number of factors that decide the earning source of youtubers. Most of the youtubers are freelancer; probably work from home while for some it could be their main source of income, for others may be a side business. For other people it could be a cake walk but it is not as steady as it sounds. There requires a lot of action behind the camera.

There are lots of myths about youtubers earning source like for instance more number of subscribers’ means more earning. More likes and comments means more money.Well actually it doesn’t contribute anything. If you have like no subscriber, chances are you can still make money. Likes and comments don’t really contribute anything to the pay. Now what about views? More views more income? Yes its true, for 1000 views a certain amount is fixed.  But here’s a catch it differs from country to country.  Like if we take for example, a video that is seen by western subscriber may contribute more earning about 7-8 times more than that of Asians which breaks another myths that all you tubers earn fair amount of money. The economy of the country plays a vital role. If taken the example of our own country the prices slashed during the demonization period.
Apart from views the other ways in which youtubers earn money are
Advertisement at the beginning of video: Contributes 50%-60% to the income. YouTube processes revenue earned from that particular ad and splits the profit with youtubers. As long as the user is not using the Adblock feature YouTube and youtubers continue to earn.
Sponsorship:  the advertiser pays youtubers for mentioning or making a video about their product.  Usually bigger YouTube channel are given such sponsors but smaller one can also get the chance.
Patreon : Patreon lets content creators accepts donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site takes 10 % of the donations, and the creator gets the rest. Most YouTubers earn more through Patreon than they do from their paychecks.
Promoting clothes or accessories used by YouTuber: Often YouTubers style statement is appreciated and users ask for the same dress or accessories. When the user buys the product as referred by YouTuber , a small 5-10% of the profit is shared with the YouTuber for referring the same.
This is how the process happens beyond the video while we enjoy seeing the videos in YouTube . Happy YouTubing


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