How do I access Facebook, Twitter and other blocked sites in my college WiFi?

My college/School has blocked Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Now how can I visit this blocked sites?. I know how it feels for college student without accessing to social media.
So how I can access to blocked websites in my institution Wi-Fi ?
The answer to it is
1.Using proxy severs
These are the list of best proxy sever to access the blocked websites
But System admin of some institutions are brilliant and they know about these
Proxy websites and block them too. :-(. Usually admins update the list everyday by adding new websites to the blocking list.
Don’t worry we have got other way
2. By using google translate
An another easy method is by using google translate. Almost all of us might have used google translate for translating purpose now just try it by pasting a link of a website into the translate box. Link will appear and when you follow the link , you can access respective sites.  Yahoo translate also helps you in this.

3. Try URL redirection method
Http://goo.gl/eyjtvz            this link redirects you to    https://www.google.com
Http://goo.gl/kgipzw         this link redirects you to     http://www.facebook.com
Similarly, you can create shot URL for the blocked sites and use it.
Here are some URL shortens to try
Https://bitly.com/  , this list is very big and i am lazy to collect it and so
I request you to ask my boss google for some more :-)
If none of the method helps, we are sorry. Give a big salute to your college System admin.
Warning : Never try this methods for porn sites 


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