Increasing Cyber Crime in India

Nowadays criminals are not bound to conventional styles of crimes like, stealing, robbing etc. With advent in technology, criminals have adopted tech crimes as their motive. These criminals are mostly technical geniuses who misuse their talents for committing dangerous activities. These tech crimes or more precisely cyber crimes involve hacking, phishing, spamming, cheating with others bank accounts, credit and debit cards, sending obscene MMS and lots more. Most of the crimes which are being conducted nowadays involve cyber technology. Criminals are highly conscious of disguising themselves from being caught.

India is a country which is suffering with increased cyber crimes in the advancing years. With accordance to the report initiated by PTI, Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh declared that cyber crime in India has exceeded in the year 2014 to almost 40% from last year. In the year 2012, cyber crimes were reported to 22,060 which increased to 71,780 in the year 2013. However, this number shows 62,189 till June 2014 which will eventually cross a lac by the end of this year. This defines that the cyber crime percent increased to 40% from last year. The PTI report states that India has been attacked with cyber crimes from various parts of the world like, Nigeria, Algeria, Brazil, Europe, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, US, China and many other countries.

India is creating milestones in various fields like economy, sports, technology etc. This scrupulous and progressive standpoint of India is compelling other parts of the world to break its orientation. So they have adopted cyber weapons to attack India. Besides other countries, people of our own nation are also involved into such cyber crimes. These technically abled people are simply utilizing their talents to conduct cyber crimes.

Our past history reveals that we Indians are strong enough to fight against any felony that approached us. Hence we can fight against cyber crime by following few norms while we are surfing or using internet. One must be highly cautious while webbing. Also cyber crime branches have been set up in India who will help us whenever we fall into a trap. So precaution and diligence can prevent us from falling for any kind of fraud. 


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