A New Vacation Hotspot

Magnetic levitation is a phenomenon which initiates a moving or static body to rise above the ground and stay in its state of motion. This lifting technique is controlled by the magnetic forces. With this unbelievable concept researchers are planning to build up cities which will float on the atmosphere above Earth. These are known as floating cities.

But NASA scientists have decided to create such a floating city above Venus. Though the researchers were more interested in survival chances related to the planet Mars, yet they came to the conclusion that the floating city must be built above Venus. The reason behind this concept is, Venus being 38 million kilometers away from Earth makes it the closest planet compared to Mars which is 54.6 kilometers away. But Venus is a planet where life can never exist as it is extremely hot and sulphurous. This is because, the planet is closer to sun and its surface has maximum numbers of volcanoes compared to other planets. But rising about 30 miles above the surface of Venus, the temperature drops to a considerable extent. Temperature on the surface of the planet is around 863 degrees Fahrenheit which reduces to Earth’s temperature when 30 miles above the surface. Also the atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus is 92 times higher than Earth. But this condition also equalizes with that of Earth after rising 30 miles above the surface of Venus. Another factor which should be kept in mind is the gravitational pull. The gravity of Venus is slightly less than Earth which is absolutely perfect for building up the city.

Hence NASA built up a mission named High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) which will initially involve sending a couple of astronauts in a spacecraft to the atmosphere of Venus for 30 days. This mission will be accomplished without landing on the surface of the planet. The astronauts will float on the atmosphere in specially designed parachute inflated with helium. NASA is trying to overcome the technical complexities and trying to build up an aeroshell which will initially travel at 4500 miles per hour and later at 450 meters per second to release the shell and allow the parachute to reveal.

This extensive mission of NASA will allow to establish a new city on our neighboring planet and in the near future we will choose this city as a destination to spend our vacations.


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