What happens to TAJMAHAL if this tragedy continues?

           When we speak about World wonder list then we are supplied with lot of new additions. But Taj Mahal is still occupying its position with pride and honor. Taj Mahal designated as a Mausoleum was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The structure of the mausoleum consists of a 115 feet high tomb and 130 feet high minarets. The entire structure was constructed with gleaming white marble.

Though considered as one of the beautiful heritage architecture which includes the world wonder list, yet Taj Mahal is losing its beauty and attraction. This is because the white color of the marble is now turning brown. In 1970, researchers have observed this discoloration of the white marble. The reason behind this was considered to be air pollution. With routine cleaning of the structure it started to regain its beauty.

Inspite of continuous cleaning of the heritage structure, the actual reason behind discoloration became a major concern for some researchers. To find out the reason, a team of scientists was constructed who is supposed to carry out the required researches regarding this aspect. This team consisted of Sachchidanand Tripathi and Tarun Gupta from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, K.S.Rana from archeological survey of India, Delhi, Ana M Villalobos and James J Schauer from University of Wisconsin’s Environmental Chemistry and Technology program, and J Jai Devi and Michael Mckenzei from Georgia Tech.

This team used sampling instruments to experiment the air surrounding Taj Mahal. They also placed small sample of marbles on the walls of the structure for two months and then analyzed them. The conclusion to all researches was that air and marble samples contained dust particles, brown organic carbon and black carbon which cause discoloration of Taj Mahal. These carbon particles came from various sources like fuel combustion, vehicle smoke etc.

Finally, the researchers are aware of the reason behind brown coloration of the mausoleum. Now their primary aim is find out the remedy and retain the mesmerizing beauty of Taj Mahal. Indian Government has also started to take action against the pollution caused by vehicle and industrial emission.


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