Twitter Plans to introduce Video play button

The rumors are getting hotter about Twitter plans to run automatic videos just like Facebook. This means the official tweets would be running automatic videos; however the idea is still under debate. On one side when it is going to please the advertisers as they're running ads are going to catch more attention, at the same time may irritate few of the others.
Twitters video play would be running on its Amplify ad program, this platform sells sponsorship in collaboration with sports and entertainment brands for playing live videos. It is one of the possible reasons for the Twitters acquisition of Snappy TV in the month of June 2014.  The auto play video could be another one of Twitters marketing to increase the prices of their auto play video ads, which is currently at 2 cents per view. The company is expecting it to raise it to $1 per view.
The news about Twitters auto video play plan has been in the news for quite a long time, but if company officials are to be believed there are no confirmed reports of the launch date. Twitter is already lacking behind in the launch of auto video play, as Facebook is already running these know of auto plays and YouTube has announced its plan of auto video play launch very soon.
There is no doubt that auto-video play would prove to be a huge success for Twitter as has been the case with Facebook. As per the research conducted in the month of October-November 2014, Facebook has seen more of direct video uploads on the website page rather than the earlier trend of sharing YouTube videos. It has given a push to websites popularity and video clicks, one of the strong reasons for Facebook recent success.
Accepting the fact that auto play of videos will bring positive results for Twitter, it would be equally important to keep a check on user response to continuously running advertisements. The step is to attract a more user base towards Twitter, rather than loosing the existing base of customers. It would be better to wait and watch which way the trends would swing in coming future.


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