Snap deal makes it to news headlines once again Delivered two stones in place of IPhone4s

Once again Snap Deal’s name is on the front of newspapers, not for a reason the company should be proud of. The company’s dispatch section has goofed up once again by sending two stones to a customer who has ordered Apple iPhone 4s.
Not even 2 months have passed when a Vim bar and a brick were sent to the customer who has apparently ordered for a Samsung Smart phone and now the company has again made the same mistake once again.
This time it was with one of the Pune residents who has ordered an Apple iPhone 4s from Snap Deal and decided to pay, Cash on Delivery. Kabra, the buyer who placed the order was dazed to see two stones in place of Rs. 40, 508 Apple phone. He refused to pay the designated amount to the Snap Deal delivery person and reported the matter immediately to the company. Though, Snap Deal has promised to look into this matter, however this has raised questions about the reliability of the company.
Over the past couple of months Snap Deal has its name flashing at the front page of the newspapers or TV screens more because of the controversies.  No matter what clarifications company has for these occurrences, it sure puts Snap Deal in one of the worst phases the company has ever faced since its launch.
Today’s customer is aware of cut throat competition in the market and may not be ready to forgive and forget these kinds of mistakes for a reputed brand, or even any unknown brand in this situation. Mere sending of an apology letter or offering compensation to the customer for such big blunders is not going to help the company to claim its position back in the market or win back the confidence of the customers.

It is time for Snap-Deal to take a solemn look into all the fumbles happening in the company as it is not only ruining the image of the company, but the company is also losing the credibility and confidence of its existing customer base.


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