A new phone brand just entered our shores which already had shook the entire smart phone industry and heavy hitters like Samsung and Sony, that too with its very first phone
The “ONE PLUS” with its only and flagship device named “ONE”. This phone boasted one of the strongest specification sheet in its category
·        A  5.5 inch LTPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 1900 and 401ppi
·        Snapdragon 801 chipset
·        2.5 GHz processor
·        3 GB of RAM
·        13 MP rear & 5 MP front camera
·        Cynogenmod 11s operating system
These are all impressive specs for a phone, but let’s find out what makes it so special that people in India are getting crazy for this phone.
The first thing is the price, it is available in India for a jaw dropping price of INR 21999/- only.  Yes you read it right only INR 21999/-. The company already gained popularity overseas before it reached the Indian shores not entirely because of its specs and price but of a special feature that separates it from other existing android phones, that is its operating system. It is a modified version of android called “cynogenmod” and the operating system for this phone was especially developed by the company separately. The version running in this phone is based on the android KitKat and named 11s. This makes the phone stand apart from the crowd and the guaranteed update for 2 years is like the cherry on the top, but for Indian market the update is not likely to be provided, still the Indian customers are not bothered about it.
The main reason for the Indian people to run towards this new phone is partially because they are bored of the Samsung, Sony and want something different now and also because of the other company from china Xiomi which also sells phones exclusively from the internet as the one plus. So we can say one plus had a good advantage of the waves which Xiomi created in India few months back.
Since everyone was reaching out to get the one plus, the company decided to maintain its exclusivity and only selling to the persons who have the invitation to buy one that is only 20000 handsets in first slot. Now there is some fraction of people who likes the phone but still suspicious about it being a china company and offering all this at such a low price. The reason it is cheap is because company is taking a very low profit per handset moreover there is no middle retailer to sell phone in market hence and also because the company is doing absolutely no marketing outside the internet, these all factors took a huge chunk out in the price of one plus. As the popularity of the one plus is booming in India every day, there is a high probability that India would be it biggest playground in world after its home that is china
But there are 2 faces of the coin. Despite a good spec sheet it still have some problem, the battery is not good, the camera is not up to the mark, there are only 20 service centers all over country and It looks like the one plus have denied to give any OTA (over the air) updates to the Indian version of one plus but who cares, it is by far the best smart phone anyone can buy under 25k.

The verdict is that keeping its all odds aside the one plus one is an amazing and best phone under 25k,and with the increasing fan base in India the company’s future looks bright in here giving the other smart phone companies nightmares, keep doing the good work and do as their motto says NEVER SETTLE.


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