An Apology from a thief

An apology letter from a thief has been found in reputed branch of canara bank, situated in sector 6, Noida.
On Sunday night, one thief tried to enter in the bank for taking money and other expensive thin. Although, he successfully, entered n to bank with the help of a rope through a window, he did not succeed in taking money. As the locks were very solid and he was unable to broke them.
But here the more interesting thing is “the apology letter” from thief. In that letter he has written in his mother tongue that is local Hindi that “what greeting as I am writing while sitting in your chair, i have three children and due to inflation i do not have enough money and i also lost my private sector job.”
At Monday morning, when bank’s clerk is arrived he saw that the door lock has been broken down, so he immediately called out the manger, who lately called police to tell them about the incident that has been happened. Policeman found the same letter in the table. Police team was with sniffer dogs to catch the suspected. A senior police officer has cleared out that nothing has been stolen by the thief as all the money is looked in a very strong room.  Police officers also accessed to the CCTV footage for the ideas and for any clue to go to the thief.
Even, the thief was unsuccessful to steal anything, not any document and not even single penny of money. This incident has raised many question against the Noida Police security as this Canara Bank Branch  was situated in the Noida Authority Office, where the security tends to be very high and strong.

At last, police officers are still searching for the thief by using that letter pad and sniffer dogs and hope they will find him soon.


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