5 easy ways to earn easy money on-line for students

Students these days are very much interested to earn money by themselves for expenses or fees, the thing is they want to become self dependent while completing their education, in the midst of all the school, college time and assignments it is not possible to do a regular job, so how to earn money then. The answer is very simple, take help of your best buddy “the internet”. Internet offers several methods to produce money that too sitting at home, it is really easy as that, but there are many fraud sites who claim to give money, charge some amount for the membership and then vanishes. We have made a list of 5 simple easy online ways especially for students to earn them money

1.     Microjobs
Participating in the consumer forum groups is really a good option, various companies recruit students to analyze consumer shopping behavior to increase their sales, companies could pay up to $100 per hour, and apart from money they also offer gift cards for shopping. Companies usually recruits college students for these kind of work.
2.     Freelancer jobs
Every student have different skills like drawing, designing, article  writing, you can post these skills of yours online on websites like Freelancer, People Per Hour. Employer would contact you as per his/her requirements based on your skills. Working as a freelancer is very easy and comfortable, you can chose to work as you like whenever you like.
Internet is full of websites which claim to give money on the performing online surveys but many of them are usually fake. But there are websites like Toulana, American Consumer Opinion, Paid View Point are authentic and they also provide gift card which you could use yourselves or could sell it online on websites like Cardpool. Click here to start earning online.
4.     Sell Essays, Assignments
Students who are really good at writing papers, essays and assignments could go for this option, although websites who sells these have got a bad reputation as the assignments are not plagiarism, but students still prefer them and you can demand money as per your work you offer to them.
5.     Make and Sell Stuff
This is also a really good option to earn easy money, just do whatever you could do best, use it to make some stuff and post it online, people who would like your work would purchase your items at a good price, it could be anything like coffee mugs, t-shirts, logos, posters. There are various platforms which offer to list your item online for sale at a small fee like Cafepress, they also give a window of 60+ days for listing your item until it sells.

All these methods are really easy and moreover comfortable to do rather than working part time at a restaurant, these ways not only saves time but also saves a lot of trouble. If you want to earn money easy way then go for the above mentioned methods and give it a try.


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