Granny’s do it yourself rulebook to boost your morale for upcoming CAT-2014 exam

Every day you must be meeting a lot of people who tell you that you got to stay motivated and upfront for whatever life throws on you. Right? Of course, yes! But the same thing takes a dramatic flip when it comes to Common Admission Test or commonly known as CAT. The stories and series of lectures grounding motivation as a core subject to your life success changes to extended hours of studies and countless books left over on your study table. People who apply for these exams stay high on energy during the first few weeks or few days perhaps and then the subject tends to get boring and monotonous. Why is that so? Why do people lose their zeal and passion for something that kept them motivated or in simple terms, “are they bored”? Well, there story unfolds countless answers to innumerable questions and all that stands constant is you yourself- drifting somewhere between the lines. You still think you made a right decision or you doubt your own pick?

Let me introduce you to the bitter side of the story, which is actually needed to keep you well versed with the fact that upcoming 2014 CAT examinations won’t be an easy thing and it’ll never be either in upcoming future. I didn't intent to blow your senses off but if you read forth then you will certainly have a pretty good idea as to whether what I exactly meant by the statement. The very first thing that you need to develop in you is a positive attitude. It really doesn't matter if you cannot make it during your first attempt. Sometimes it’s perfectly alright to let go few things and feel good that you were amongst those limited number of people who had the guts to appear for this exam. Yes, it take guts! Apart from this, keeping up the good spirit and waving off the bad and negative side of yours will be an added advantage. Remember, you’re planning to study in the nation’s top notch management college and you have to give them a reason for why should they consider you.
Let us see what best can be done to churn the most out the limited time space that you have with you.

1.     No matter what come may- I’ll stand to the test!
It’s very important to keep yourself motivated and submissive towards the attainment of your goal. One moment of depression and anxiety can ruin your months of preparations. Certainly, nobody would like to keep the performance at stake. The final days to the examinations, as experts say, are the most crucial and also a dominating phase. Don’t indulge in learning something new or something you have no clue about but rather revise and rehearse the subjects which you know you’re good at. This is the final countdown before the show and never let you spirits go down but tell yourself that you’re still in the race and you’ll pink slip many.

2.     Learn from your mistakes!
In an examination like CAT, a mistake is no less than a sin and you have to be very much particular about keeping an eye upon your day to day evaluations. Relax! Take up some mock test forum and check your preset skills and even if you score miserably low percentile then also stay positive for now you know of not doing a thing in a way you did. Nothing else could be better than learning from your own mistakes and making sure that you come clean during the final exam.

3.     During all the hustle and bustle- keep the socially you alive!
Many aspirants grow very peculiar about the preparations and they eventually end up isolating themselves from the people around and sticking more with the books and study material. It is indeed much smarter way to keep your presence known amid the people around you rather than leaving them sarcastically surprised about your whereabouts.
CAT is a test of your mental and mathematical aptitudes and so surely you have to be high on grades to be there in the competition. Now as the final call for the dates have been made and the exam pressure is hovering high, the examinations for CAT-2014 will have a lot to be witnessed and a lot to be explored. So, plan your strategies and make sure that you just don’t cram attempting questions which are alien for you. Hold on the faith and believe in yourself that the only thing that can beat you is your own self. A bit of inspiration and undivided efforts will surely ripe the fruits of hard work.
 Author Bio: Shadman Alvi is professional writer. Blogging and writing for myriad of social media platform is what excites him. He believes that newness and novelty are the two driving force that can make anything black and white- colorful. He enjoys experimenting with various techniques and implementing the same on print and web alike. If you like his work, feel free to catch him on LinkedIn.


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